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Adult Donkeys For Sale

Why a Donkey?


Donkeys make exceptional and loving pets, can be used for  carting, riding, companion animals for horses and other livestock, as well as exceptional herd protectors for Livestock farmers adding to their herds profitability.

  • A male donkey is a Jack and a female donkey is a Jenny

  • Jennets have one of the longest gestation periods in the animal kingdom and carry their foals for 12 to 13 months before birth.

  • Donkeys are known to live for as long as 40years.

  • Donkeys aren't stuborn, but rather highly intellegent, the typical donkey freeze that they are known for is them stopping and ASSesing a situation before reacting.

Buy Your Donkey!

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Donkeys are reserved with a 25% deposit and the remaining 75% is payable on collection. An additional fee will be charged for care and feed per week for donkeys reserved for longer than 7 days.

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For Sale!

Grey Jenny

Mature Grey Jenny Currently available. R5 500

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