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Netherland Dwarf Rabbits!

Our Breeding Bunnies:

Bonkers about Bunnies!!

We are registered breeders of Netherland Dwarf and Jersey Wooly rabbits and are proud members of the Gauteng Rabbit Breeders Association. We strive to breed excellent quality dwarfs, with our main focus on good conformation, colour and great temperament.

Our bunnies all form a part of our big farm family and we love them to bits!! 

Why Netherland dwarf rabbits?

Netherland Dwarfs are one of the smallest rabbit breeds and have an adult weight of between 500g and 1130g. These cuties make excellent pets and are full of personality for their small size.

Buy Your Bunny!

Our available bunnies are listed on our 

but we are often sold out, so be sure to contact us via email to be added to our waiting list for our next babies.

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